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Because I sacrifice everything. Every free minute that's been taken from me, every ounce of sweat and effort, bloodshed and sheer determination.  Family, friends and love I have missed out on. Because I sleep three hours every other night and cover every square inch of my jurisdiction. Picking up where others let go, pushing when others fold. Fighting the battles others won't. Because I'm the god damned Batman. 
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With those who stand out by their later mastery, they experience this inclination more deeply and clearly than others. They experience it as an inner calling. It tends to dominate their thoughts and dreams. They find their way, by accident or sheer effort, to a career path in which this inclination can flourish. This intense connection and desire allows them to withstand the pain of the process—the self-doubts, the tedious hours of practice and study, the inevitable setbacks, the endless barbs from the envious. They develop a resiliency and confidence that others lack
— Robert Greene
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A Watchmen cartoon? While I feel really really bad for the actual creator's of Watchmen... I'm pretty fucking stoked about this. Hope Moore and Gibbons are having some direction on the project. 
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This really happened? My theory - keeping The Batman distracted from the field. Just like having his father convince him to retire. 
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Afraid  I was gonna forget that?  ;) 
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