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The book of love is long and boring and was written long ago. It's full of flowers, and heart-shaped boxes, and things we are all too young to know. 
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Ooh yeah!!
Fuck yes, who comes up with this shit?!
Hot damn, I should have been a detective. Hello Cell games (opening ceremony) 
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Heard a little rumor TFS is gonna release episode 57 tomorrow afternoon... Not sure how reliable of a source it comes from.
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Seeing as how I have worked almost every single weekend for four years running, I haven't been this excited for a Saturday in a long time...
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Wubba lubba dub dub! 
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If my life was like crossing a bridge. At least I nailed the finish...
Marvel made weed, crack, meth and speed into comic book villians... Their bios are absolutely rediculous... And their powers... I missed the best years of comics...
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I'm told I make the best strips in town, but where are all the creepies to stuff ones down my shirt? 
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In the words of Sonic, you're too slow!
Lol... Jason fucking Lewis? Still a slight step up, only because he thinks my family is some sort of legend. 
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